Cancer Prevention Project

Cancer Prevention Project (CPP) is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and spread awareness of methods to prevent cancer (initial diagnosis and recurrence) though food, activity, and a healthy lifestyle. CPP serves to educate the general public of the benefits of a healthy, cancer-fighting lifestyle through online resources, books, hand-outs and other collateral, and events aimed at building broader awareness. CPP also supports clinical research that aims to assess and improve lifestyle modifications in the fight against cancer. Click here for the official website.

Thankfully, many nonprofits exist to support patients in their fight against cancer and during their survivorship period. However, few exist to support nonpharmacological and treatment-based methods to prevent and fight cancer. CPP serves to provide this service to the community. At CPP, we believe that optimal health and the ability to avoid and fight cancer begins at homes, schools, workplaces, and at the dinner table, and we serve to improve health, encouraging thoughtful and deliberate daily lifestyle habits, such as nutrition and optimum activity levels.

Nearly 40% of US citizens will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. In 2012 alone, almost 14 million people were diagnosed with cancer. While survival rates positively correlate to improvements in conventional cancer treatments and therapies, efforts to improve prevention are desperately needed. At Cancer Prevention Project, we serve to fill this gap to educate, empower, and improve the fight against cancer by creating a health and wellness-oriented ecosystem. We believe the first step to cancer prevention is by following a healthy lifestyle, as supported by the medical literature. We serve to expand this literature through tangible education materials, fundraising events, and lifestyle research.

Cancer Prevention Project Background

Cancer Prevention Project was founded by Colin Champ, M.D. As a board-certified Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Champ has treated his fair share of patients with cancer. He is also board-certified in Integrative Medicine and would certainly prefer preventing cancer instead of treating it. His research has primarily focused on the role of food and exercise in the treatment and prevention of cancer. He has also dedicated much of his life to providing easy-to-comprehend educational materials and motivational information through books, pamphlets, videos, educational talks, and a website with over 5 million visitors promoting science-backed recommendations in diet, physical activity, and sleep habits among others, enabling individuals to take health back into their own hands.