Misguided Medicine: Second Edition

Misguided Medicine

I’m happy to announce┬áthat the┬áSecond Edition of Misguided Medicine is a #1 New Release on Amazon! Originally released in August 2014 as a passion project of mine in line with my fields of medical research and specialization, Misguided Medicine – to my surprise – sold thousands of copies and gained a strong cult following in niche fitness and dieting communities here in the U.S. and overseas. With this Second Edition, I’ve set my sights on the upward-trending broader audience of weekend warriors and healthy lifestylers, with more streamlined presentation of key concepts as well as brand-new content addressing recent topics of interest in the mainstream media – red meat, salt intake, and low-carb dieting, to name a few. Make sure to head over to Amazon now (link below) to order your copy of Misguided Medicine: Second Edition, so you have it shipped and sitting on your coffee table for the start of Summer!

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Misguided Medicine: Second Edition Reviews:


“Colin Champ, researcher and practicing physician in the study of cancer, provides an accessible and authoritative insider story of the winding, perilous journey of how and why we got it wrong in several main areas of health. Deconstructing the crumbling diet-heart hypothesis and the supposed benefits of grains, the threat of salt and meat and other slow-dying myths, Dr. Champ explains what is wrong and how you can do it right. If, in the end, we are not all suffering the agony of Laocoon (the last chapter tells you the story), the misguided medicine of the title has caused much harm and this book will help us get back on the right path.”
Dr. Richard D. Feinman, Professor of Biochemistry and author of The World Turned Upside Down
“Colin Champ has applied Occam s razor to the muddled and often wrong-headed world of nutrition and exercise by producing an irreverent, but actionable, guide to better health while having more fun along the way.”
Dr. Kenneth Ford, Founder & CEO, Institute of Human and Machine Cognition
“The ultimate reference for taking control of your health. The path to optimal health is not a direct one, but this book certainly provides the vital road map.”
Mike McCandless, Founder and former CEO, Scivation

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