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Cancer and the Ketogenic Diet Interview

1st Annual Conference on Nutritional Ketosis & Metabolic Therapeutics – Tampa, FL        2/2016


Dr. Champ was interviewed regarding his research and views on the role of diet in cancer prevention and treatment.


The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

1st Annual Conference on Nutritional Ketosis & Metabolic Therapeutics – Tampa, FL        2/2016


Dr. Champ was asked to present on the Ketogenic Diet at the 1st Annual Conference on Nutritional Ketosis & Metabolic Therapeutics.


Augmenting Cancer Therapy with Diet

IMHC Ocala Evening Lecture Series – Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition          10/2014


Dr. Champ was invited to present his research on the link between diet and cancer diagnosis and treatment at Florida’s Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Ocala, Fla. The engaging talk was received by a standing-room only audience of over 400 people.

In the field of oncology, a lot of interest is being placed on nontoxic methods to enahnce treatment. One of these, may be something we all engage in on a daily basis: diet. The influence of diet on cancer has been known for nearly a century, but its ability to enhance the treatment of cancer is a new area in cancer research that could be a powerful nontoxic addition to current treatments if proven to be effective. In his talk, Dr. Champ discusses the history of diet and cancer and touches on his current research and others’ within the field of oncology.

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Diet and the Treatment of Cancer: Have we found a Sweet Spot?

MaxLove Project – Children’s Hospital of Orange County          9/2014

What is the role of diet in cancer treatment? Can food make a difference in outcomes? In this lucid and highly informative presentation sponsored by the MaxLove Project at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Dr. Colin Champ takes us through the science, both new and old, on using nutrition to augment cancer treatment. Dr. Champ is also a Medical Advisory Board Member of the MaxLove Project.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the MaxLove Project website.



University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Clinical Oncology and Hematology Grand Rounds: Augmenting Cancer Therapy with Diet

UPMC Cancer Pavilion – Pittsburgh, Pa.          3/2014


Colin Champ Lecture

Dr. Champ presents the historical data on dietary manipulation and cancer care, how diet and nutrition play a role in cancer care, reviews existing data supporting nutritional intervention in cancer care, and explores future directions for diet in the management of cancer.



Vegan, Paleo or Mediterranean/Asian: The Right Diet or the “Rite” Diet

Integrative Health Symposium – New York, NY.          2/2014


Colin Champ Paleo

Dr. Champ is joined by Dr. David Perlmutter (author of Grain Brain), Dr. Stephen Sinatra (author of The Great Cholesterol Myth), and Dr. Michael Gregor (from for a discussion on the optimal human diet, moderated by Dr. Gerald Lemole.



Nutrition for Cancer Patients

UPMC – Pittsburgh, Pa.   9/2013



Dr. Colin Champ discusses diet and nutrition for patients with breast and other types of cancer. As a radiation oncologist at the UPMC CancerCenter, he treats all malignancies and has a special interest in clinical nutrition and exercise relating to cancer treatment.


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